HESA Executives

If you have any questions about anything regarding HESA, or even advice with courses and selection of courses, don't hesitate to approach any of the executive members!

HESA Executive Members 2010-2011
t: Rochelle Ignacio: rignacio@ualberta.ca
Co-President: Karly Newbigging knewbigg@ualberta.ca

VP External: Janelle Kuntz jdkuntz@ualberta.caVP Academic: Allison Brett: ambrett@ualberta.ca
Co-VP Student Life: Sara-Jayne Johnson sarajayn@ualberta.ca
Co-VP Stud
ent Life: Katryna Yasinski katryna@ualberta.ca
Co-VP Promotions: Steven Cvikco scvitko@ualberta.ca
Co-VP Promotions: Vanessa Zembal zembal@ualberta.ca
VP Finance: Sierra Bilyk
Secretary: Cara Simioni simioni@ualberta.ca

Rochelle Ignacio - Co-President

Area of study
:4th year of my undergraduate degree

Year of stud
y: Human Ecology, with a major in Human Ecology and a minor in Community Diversity

Interests: I’m interested in areas of study concerning immigrants and look forward to working under Dr. A. Knight, Chair of the Political Sciences Department here at the U of A. I also enjoy leisure activities such as riding my bike, going dancing with my girls, and reading a good book.

Ideal dream/happiness: paying off my student loans, saving up money to travel and moving to the Kengsington area of Vancouver. At this point in my idea of happiness is staying on top of coursework so I can still enjoy my social life!
Favourite Music: I’m really big on Hip Hop, Reggae, and Dancehall music. I’m an avid fan of Jay-Z, and lately I’ve been loving Willow Smith who he just signed on to his label. I also enjoy downloading mixtapes such as Money Isn’t Real, or Black El. In the Edmonton scene you have to attend one of Mitchmatic’s shows, he’s both an amazing musician (piano & drums) as well he can freestyle pretty good!

Favourtie Childhood Movie: Not going to lie… I watched Beauty and the Beast EVERYDAY at the ba
bysitters growing up, if I was feeling adventurous I would switch to Bambi

Karly Newbigging - Co-President
ea of study: Clothing and Textiles, Product Design and Development
Year of study: 4th Year

Allison Brett - VP Academic

Area of study:
Clothing and Textiles. Museum Curatorship and Conservation

of study: 5th year university, 4th year Hecol
Hobbies: Hanging out at the Clothing and Textiles Collection, riding my bike, napping

Interests: Art Nouveau, dresses, shopping/eating
After graduation: More school. Lots more.

Why HESA: I had a great time on the executive last year. I have had an amazin
g time in Hecol, and want to help other students feel the same.

Advice: Human Ecology is such a small program – so take advantage of the opportunity to get know your professors. They are all smart, fun and genuinely want you to succeed!

Favourite chil
dhood movie: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Disney's Robin Hood. I know all the words.
Favourite writers (I included poets!): Kazuo Ishiguro, Frank O'Hara, Douglas Adams, Dorothy Sayers, Nina Berberova, Jane Austen . . .
Idea of earthly happin
ess: An entire fridge packed with fresh fruits and vegetables from my garden, and an entire room packed with books; enough time to cook for all my friends and enough time to spend by myself reading all the books.
Natural abili
ty I would like to possess: A photographic memory. Or maybe synesthesia - I would love to hear or taste colours.

Janelle Kuntz - VP External
Area of Study: Major: Family Ecology Minor: Community Diversity

Year of Study

Why did you decide to become a part of HESA? To not only become a more active student with Human Ecology, but also to establish networking relationships with students, staff, alumni, and to create a better school experience for myself and friends in Human Ecology. 

Advice for HECOL students: Be proactive and take initiative! You are the ones who control the direction your life takes you, so be the one to make the positive changes in it and take advantage of all the wonderful opportunities that the department and HESA can offer you. 

Favorite hero of fiction: Harry Potter.
What do you value most in your friendships? Honesty, reliability, strength, and humor, and I am fortunate to have many like this.
What natural gift would you most like to possess? I wish I possessed the ability to play the ukulele and sing. Thus far practice really does not make perfect.

Sara-Jayne Johnson- Co-VP Student Life
Area of Study: Family Ecology with a minor in Child and Youth Studies

Year of
study: 4th
What you plan to do after graduation: I would like to work as a school/family
liaison worker.

hy you decided to become part of HESA: I wanted to be more involved in the University and the Human Ecology program

Who is your favourite musician -
I love Josh Groban!

What is your greate
st aspiration in life - To get married and have children. Although, I really value my education and desire to work in a field where I can make a difference in the lives of families, youth and children; my main "career" aspiration is to be a mother.
What is your favourite childhood movie
- All the disney princess movies.

Katryna Yasinski - Co-VP Student Life
Area of study: Clothing and Textiles, Fashion Merchandising
Year of study: 3rd Year
What I plan to do after I graduate: I have absolutely no idea what I want to do once I graduate, but the array of Hecol classes I am taking are slowly helping me narrow it down.

Why I decided to become part of HESA: I decided to become part of HES
A because I love being involv ed in my program as much as possible, and it's a great way to meet like minded individuals.

Advice for HECOL students: I advise all Hecol students to go to as many events as they can. They are all great networking opportunities.

What is your favourite childhood movie?
Beauty and the Beast. And my current favourite musicians are Metric.
What superna
tural gift would you most like to possess?
I would love to be able to do magic. It may be partly because of laziness, but a life with magical powers seems like it w
ould be much more fun than a life without them.

Steven Cvitko – Co VP of Promotions
Area of Study: Textiles and Clothing Minor: Design and Product Development
Year of Study: 4th year

Why did you decide to become a part of Human Ecology? I am almost finished my undergrad and I haven’t really accomplished anything of importance. I figured being actively involved in a student group would get me off my couch and moving in the right direction.

Advice for Human Ecology students: GO TO CLASS. Also, your instructors are all pretty cool. Treat them with respect. 

Who is your favorite hero of fiction? Fox Mulder
What is your favorite childhood movie? You know, I cannot think of one. If I ever have a daughter, however, I will completely censor her childhood movie-watching to be entirely pro-feminist. I only approve of children’s movies made after the Lion King.

Vanessa Zembal - Co-VP Promotions
Area of study: Clothing and Textiles, Marketing
Year of study: 4th Year
Interests/Hobbies: The great outdoors, random lectures, eating great food (especially when it's free and comes with great conversation)

What I plan to do after I graduate: I can't even plan a week in advance so who really knows. But hopefully traveling to far off places and taking advantage of the government funding for young people (ie: the Explore program, Canada World Youth program...)

Why I decided to become part of HESA: Because I really enjoy wondering around campus and know the really good places to put up posters. Also, it's kind of exciting to know that your opinion could really make something happen.

Advice for
HECOL students: Follow your curiosity now only your checksheet and really check out the academic calendar and search for odd-ball classes because those random classes can change your whole university degree. And make sure to spread yourself over as many different experiences as possible, whether it's.
What do you value most in your friends? strong opinions to encourage healthy debate and exchange around a pint or two; willingness to try new things; cool skills/experiences they can share with me so I can try them too.
Who or what would you like to be in an alternate life? If I was smarter and less blind, an astronaut, because their perspective is something to be desired. Everything looks so blue and problem-less from space, but they also had to travel through the cloud of pollution.

Sierra Bilyk - VP Finance
Area of study: Clothing and Textiles, Fashion Merchandising

Year of study: 4th Year

Cara Simioni - Secretary

Area of Study: Textiles & Clothing
Year of study: 4th
Interests / hobbies: caffeinated beverages, reality television, and laughing.

What you plan to do after you graduate: After I graduate, I plan to have saved up enough money to spend a year traveling before I pursue a "real" job.

Why you decided to become a part of HESA: I joined HESA because I wanted to make the most out of my University experience and getting involved with a student group seemed like the perfect way to get involved and have some fun.

Advice to HECOL students: My advice to human ecology students would be to always work hard because it pays always off in the end. Work hard, play hard!

What is your favorite childhood movie? The Little Mermaid
Who is/are your favorite musicians(s)? John, Paul, George and Ringo.
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