Bake Sale! Volunteers needed.

Dear Human Ecology Students:

As you can see, some improvements were recently made to the HESA lounge
(the basement of HEB, where students can grab a snack, chill out, work
on group projects, nap, etc.) The efforts took a lot of care and
attention, and in the end we spent some money to buy all the shiny
pretty furniture that Human Ecology students will cherish (and use
responsibly, and maintain) for years to come... Which is why we are
asking for your help. We will be holding a popcorn/bake sale in AGFOR on
Wednesday March 31, 2010 to help recoup some of the expenses. This will
probably be the last fund-raiser for HESA this year, and we appreciate
all the baked goods you can muster! Please respond by e-mail, or talk to
any HESA executive, or just leave your baked goods in the HESA lounge
(by 9:30am March 31)... If you are able to work a few hours of the sale,
please let us know!

Thank you so much...

Alex Pedden
VP Academic HESA

Career Forum 2010

Event details:

"Each speaker on the panel graduated with a Bachelor of Agriculture, Life and Environmental Sciences specializing in Human Ecology and went on to pursue a successful career. Our speakers will share their career highlights and offer advice regarding the work search process. Network with speakers while you enjoy pizza and pop courtesy of the Human Ecology Students' Association - HESA and the Department of Human Ecology. You are encouraged to ask questions."

Date: March 24
Time: 5:30 - 7:30
Location: 2-100 SUB
**Pre-registration is required. Admission is free.**

Full details on the guest speakers attending are available here:

HESA Elections 2010!


HESA Elections 2010 is approaching fast!

Support HESA! Come out and vote for next year's executive members, or nominate yourself as a candidate. Being part of HESA offers amazing volunteer opportunities and it looks great on your resume.

For those interested in running for the upcoming election, here is a list of the positions and a brief description of each role:

Please note that this is a condensed version of each role's responsibilities. If you have further questions, please contact for more details.

• To be a leader, for the Executive, for all undergraduate students in the Department of Human Ecology, and in the community.
• To be ultimately responsible for any decision made by the Executive, or any action/function/organization on behalf of HESA.
• To oversee the running of HESA and to ensure that the other Executive members are fulfilling their duties as specified in this constitution.

VP Academic
• To be responsible for all the duties of the President, in the event that the President is unable to fulfill said duties, until such a time as the duties are re-assigned.
• To be primarily responsible for cases (student issues/complaints) that require HESA intervention, and are deemed appropriate for intervention by HESA.
• To be responsible for attending all and bringing issues to undergraduate program committee meetings, and other relevant bodies.

VP External
• To be responsible for keeping ties to the professional community.
• To encourage undergraduates to build a strong network with the professional community and assist them as is necessary to do so.
• To be the liaison between HESA and the Alberta Home Economists Association (AHEA), keeping in regular contact with an AHEA representative.

VP Finance
• To keep track of all monetary transactions, including gifts and donations.
• To produce an annual budget report to the Department of Human Ecology identifying the uses of the yearly grant money received from the Department.
• To attend monthly Executive meetings and give an update on HESA’s financial situation.

VP Student Life
• To plan, organize, and implement student activities organized to bring together undergraduate students of the Department of Human Ecology.
• To help develop social and professional ties between students, student groups, and the broader community, including but not limited to the University of Alberta campus.
• To inform HESA members, the Department of Human Ecology staff and students of upcoming HESA events through email and other various facets of advertisement with the assistance/help of the VP Promotions.

VP Promotions
• To be responsible for all communication in the form of email, memos, and letter writing, with the various organizations and/or services that HESA will be in contact with.
• To be responsible for communicating HESA news to students, faculty/staff, larger community (including the Human Ecology community).
• To be responsible for making any required posters and distributing them.
• To be responsible for the maintenance and development of the HESA website.

• To be the Administrative Contact on behalf of HESA for Student Group Services (SGS).
• To be responsible for recording minutes at weekly Executive meetings.
• To be responsible for creating and distributing meeting agendas to the Executive.
• To be responsible for making any necessary updates to all HESA documents (constitution, roles and responsibilities, etc.).

All interested candidates must contact us through email by March 29 ( with the following information:

• Full Name
• Year of Study
• Major/Minor
• Position interested in running for and why you are excited to run for this position.
• What you hope to accomplish
• One interesting thing about you

See you there!

E4C Field Trip

HESA has planned a field trip to E4C on Wednesday March 17th for a tour
(information session) of the facility and a lunch made by E4C's Kids in
the Hall Bistro ($15). If you would just like a tour, the lunch is
optional and there will be no costs. Meeting time is at 10:00 am in front of
the HUB LRT entrance and we will return to school around 1:00 pm.

Please RSVP to by Monday March 15th.

E4C's Program Manager with the Nutrition & Community Services, Emily
Wolbeck PHEc, a Human Ecology grad, will be showing us around. She ended
up at E4C through the practicum program and will discuss how her degree
has prepared for this job. Also, she will discuss about all of E4C's
programs and services with a question and answer period during lunch to
finish off our trip.

A little about E4C

A little about their Kids in the Hall Bistro program