Notebook Making!!

Be like Rachel McAdams and make a notebook to fill with thoughts...
Or give it to someone special as a handmade, eco-friendly
Christmas present!!

At the same time, you'll make one for the ladies at the Sorrentino's Campassion House to help them jounral their way through battling breast cancer.

It's in the Ag-For Pit on Wednesday, December 8 (the last day of classes!!) from 5:30 -7:00.
(ps: it's also happening on Thursday at 3:30 at the Human Ecology Christmas Potluck.
Chilling with your favourite Hecol staffers and collaging..sounds like my kind of party!)

Cost is $8 to cover the costs of binding.
Bring pictures or magazine cut-outs (or use the ones provided) to cover and personalize the front and back of your notebooks.

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